Amythyst Kiah Releases Live, Direct-To-Disc 7-Inch Vinyl Single

The Indie Record Store exclusive “Wild Turkey” B/W “Firewater” is out today! In early August of 2021, singer and songwriter Amythyst Kiah booked a session at The Earnest Tube, a studio in Bristol, Virginia that eschews modern technology and specializes in live, direct-to-disc recordings. Today, her new single – a riveting solo recording of “Wild Turkey” b/w “Firewater” – is released. The 7-inch vinyl single, available exclusively at independent record stores, was recorded and engineered by Clint Holley.

I really had a great time recording this! I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to literally cut a record, sans studio with dozens of microphones, amps, and gargantuan mixing console – all the things we normally associate with studio recording today. It gave me a greater appreciation for the history of recording, because despite all of the challenges that may come from recording with less technology, it lays the artist out in raw form,” Kiah observed. “There’s no post-production magic to hide behind, so the song and performance just have to stand on their own. It was a fascinating and humbling experience, to say the least, and I’m really excited to have been part of this with The Earnest Tube!

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