“The Roots of Rhiannon Giddens” on CBS

CBS premiered their story on the life and career of Rhiannon Giddens today.  From CBS-

Introducing Rhiannon Giddens, an up-and-coming singer with a voice and a style all her own. Martha Teichner has her story:

How often can you witness a moment that changes a career?

For Rhiannon Giddens, it was this: her performance during the “Another Day, Another Time” concert in New York City on Sept. 29, 2013, seen in this Showtime documentary:

Giddens was like a musical explosion onstage. What happened next was like an explosion in her life.

Did she understand the impact of that performance? “No, no. I had no idea,” she said. “And I really didn’t know until, like, the reviews started coming out, and I was just like, OK! And then, you know, the conversation with T-Bone happened.”

T-Bone Burnett, the legendary record producer, asked Giddens whether he could produce her first solo album.

“I’ve been doing this 50 years now,” Burnett said. “It’s no mystery anymore who’s good and who’s doing it — you see?”

Called “Tomorrow Is My Turn,” the album has been nominated for a Grammy.


Watch the segment and read the full interview here

For more information on Rhiannon Giddens and upcoming tour dates, visit her artist page