Samantha Crain’s new album, “Under Branch and Thorn and Tree” Reviewed by No Depression

MC Samantha Crain 19“No Depression” has just given a glowing review to Samantha Crain’s new album, “Under Brand and Thorn and Tree”.

No Depression writes: “Last time around, on 2013’s Kid Face, Crain told me in an interview that she was making a concerted effort to move away from fiction elements and closer to autobiography in her songs. While that disc was astute and stirring, it was nothing compared to its follow-up, this year’s Under Branch and Thorn and Tree. (out now on Ramseur Records). This time, Crain has not only landed on truth-telling that goes for the jugular, but she’s done so as a furthering of the plight of her people. Reportedly, the album was inspired by a prominent Oklahoman who made a rather public display of anti-indigenous sentiment.”

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