Throwing Muses

Agent: Mike Leahy

“Sublime riffs and hair-standing-on-end vocals giving you a jolt. Throwing Muses has maintained
the inimitable ethos that has distinguished their music for over three decades” — Pop Matters

Purgatory/Paradise is the newest release by Throwing Muses, the groundbreaking band who
broke every rule in the book and effortlessly changed the face of alternative music. Kristin
Hersh, David Narcizo and Bernard Georges have created an epic, thirty-two song event,
published as a book and CD combination, with photographs and essays by Kristin—also an
acclaimed author—and artwork by David Narcizo. Played as a series of movements dovetailing
into a powerful statement, this artful piece outdoes everything in this band’s long, illustrious
career, proving that Throwing Muses has only peaks, no valleys, and unbelievably, continues to
outdo themselves with every record.

Signed to the prestigious British label, 4AD, and Sire/Warner Brothers in the U.S. as teenagers,
Hersh quickly realized that she was not interested in playing the game of the corporate
recording industry and traded her first solo record (the highly acclaimed Hips and Makers,
featuring the hit single, “Your Ghost”) for her band’s freedom. Released from their contractual
obligations, Hersh and all of her musical projects—including the inventive, no-holds-barred,
noise rock trio, 50FootWave, who pioneered the pay what you want model—are now entirely

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“Three shy friends from a little island, freaking the f*** out,” is how Hersh describes her band.
“We play because we’re addicted to the noise and because we love each other. We’ve never
stopped playing. Thirty years on a bus together only encouraged us to play more and no one
has told us to shut up yet.”

Throwing Muses’ lifelong world tour shows no sign of ending.

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