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Scream is an American hardcore punk band from Washington, DC that formed in 1979 within the vanguard of the Washington DC hardcore explosion. Known for their incendiary live performances – an urgent mix of punk and rock-and-roll swagger – the original lineup is vocalist Pete Stahl, guitarist Franz Stahl, bassist Enoch “Skeeter” Thompson, and drummer Kent Stacks.

Scream’s debut album, Still Screaming (1982), was the first LP on DC’s Dischord Records, followed by This Side Up in 1984. The band toured throughout the US and were one of the first US hardcore bands to tour Europe and the UK. In 1987, they released Banging the Drum, which was recorded at Southern Studios in London by John Loder. In 1988, No More Censorship was released on reggae label RAS Records. The album was the first to feature drummer Dave Grohl, who replaced Kent Stacks for both this album and Fumble, which was released on Dischord Records in 1993. Until now, the band’s most recent release was Complete Control Sessions in 2011. Scream’s newest album, DC Special, will be released in the fall of 2023 on Dischord Records.


Still Screaming (1983) Dischord Records * This Side Up (1985) Dischord Records

“Walking By Myself”/ “Choke Word” 7” (1986) Jungle Hop Records

Banging the Drum (1987) Dischord Records * No More Censorship (1988) RAS Records

Live at Van Hall (1988) Konkurrel Records * Your Choice Live Series Vol.10 (1990) Your Choice Records

“Mardi Gras”/ “Land Torn Down” 7” (1990) DSI Records

Fumble (1993) Dischord Records * Live at the Black Cat (1998) Torque Records

Complete Control Sessions (2011) Side One Dummy Records

No More Censorship NMC2017 (2017) Southern Lord Records

DC Special (TBD 2023) Dischord Records

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