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Following a break-out 2018 that saw 26-year old Gothenburg artist Sarah Klang win a Swedish Grammy and chart at #1 with her debut album ‘Love In The Milky Way’, the self-confessed “saddest girl in Sweden” is now gearing up for the release of her second album, Creamy Blue. An enthralling exercise in widescreen heartbreak pop that’s Lana Del Rey via Weyes Blood delivered with a sugar-coated Scandi charm and healthy dose of self-deprecation, Sarah’s new album is due for release October 25th via Pangur Records. Having spent the last year selling out shows across mainland Europe and also recently supporting First Aid Kit on a tour, Sarah will make her live UK debut at London’s The Lexington on December 3rd as part of a wider EU run in support of the new album.

Complete with grandiose string sections, bleeding heart piano, dreamy Americana-tinged guitars and Sarah’s powerful hair-raising vocals, Creamy Blue deals in a sublime reverb-soaked melancholia that’s achingly beautiful yet gloriously infectious and ironically uplifting at times. The album skirts a very fine line between the deadly serious and the self-satirising (her Instagram also offers a hilarious tapestry of badly photoshopped pictures shining a light on this juxtaposition.) The title-track and lead single recently arrived via a video which captures Sarah’s lighthearted vintage pastiche both aesthetically and sonically. “I wanted it to look like a fancy 70s/80s film where all of us would just be really serious. I think it’s pretty funny,” she continues: “I wrote that song when I was staying in Italy, it was the first time I saw that kind of ocean. I sat on a cliff and I knew the relationship I was in wasn’t gonna last. So that’s what the song is about and also the whole album. The name ‘creamy blue’ is not really from that moment though. I just saw a cheese brand with that logo on and thought it looked really great.”

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Creamy Blue, written and produced in collaboration with Kevin Andersson, is a no-holds-barred ode to 21st century relationships (past and present, romantic and platonic) that’ll leave you wondering who hurt Sarah so bad – though selfishly thankful that they did if songs like this are the result. Stand-out moments include the atmospheric lap-steel and desolate piano of ‘It’s Been Heaven Knowing You’ (“It’s about when you know a relationship is ending, and you try your hardest to be kind and gentle and to remember the good things”), the jangly chorus-soaked guitars of ‘Between The Lines’ (“About a close and very messy friendship I have”) and ‘Wildfire’, a moving track about ex-boyfriends who were prone to gaslighting: “I moved away to stay in a relationship that really didn’t work. I was always sad and made to feel crazy because of me being more sensitive and emotional I guess.”

This isn’t just an album exclusively for those with a back-catalogue of terrible ex-boyfriends though. Songs like ‘The Music Never Stopped’ and ‘New Day Coming’ are about how Sarah’s love of music and close friends, respectively, make her want to keep on powering through anything life throws at her. The aptly-titled ‘Endless Sadness’ is the first song Sarah has written about her family and addresses what it’s like watching your loved ones in pain. Then there’s the brilliant ‘11 11’ which sees her reflect on life as a full-time musician: “It’s about me thinking about the last two/three years, how I finally got to start working as a musician full-time, and my fear of it all being a big joke that will all go away.”

Whilst working as a waitress in her father’s bar, desperate for a change yet previously demoralized by a jaded musician ex who was deeply “negative about the whole industry,” a few years back Sarah made the decision to turn her hand to writing her own songs. Using a love of good old-fashioned ballads as her starting point, the result was something that intertwines classic 60s/70s pop, Americana and country to mesmerizing effect. In next to no time she’d be playing to ever-growing crowds at underground venues around Gothenburg as she worked on her debut album in the background – innocently unaware of what was to follow. The chart-topping and Grammy-winning debut ‘Love In The Milky Way’ arrived last year and catapulted Sarah into the spotlight. Its release was followed by two sold-out Scandinavian tours (one being a headliner, the second supporting First Aid Kit) plus further dates around mainland Europe that solidified her fast-growing reputation around the continent.

Now with another run of EU dates in her sights which will include her debut UK show at London’s The Lexington on December 3rd, Sarah Klang’s highly-anticipated second full-length, Creamy Blue, will be released into the world October 25th.

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