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“At her most compelling, Hunt crafts breathtaking ballads with heartrending melodies reminiscent of Merle Haggard’s soulful best.” — No Depression

“Phoebe Hunt’s mystical meditations lie at the core of the music that she records. Searching for a spiritual poignancy in the emotional sentiments of folk storytelling, Phoebe Hunt is acutely aware of the human condition, its triumphs and setbacks, and the divides set between us. ” — PopMatters

“Some Things Change” is a winding, elliptical folk gem. Chiming guitar tones and resonant swells of strings encircle Hunt’s lilting vocals, crafting a delicate folk lullaby.”— Under The Radar

“It’s like an amalgamation of American music styles. I hear a bit of Appalachian, a bit of western folk, and a lot of joyful celebration.” — Ear to the Ground

“Launching the song with clear acoustic mandolins ringing out in plenty of space, Phoebe Hunt has created a soothing folk lullaby for adults.”
Americana Highways
“A transcendent art piece sculpting beauty and raw poeticism. ”
  — American Songwriter

With a new album in hand and a mesmerizing trio to introduce, Phoebe Hunt dazzles as she steps back on the stage presenting her latest, Neither One Of Us Is Wrong.

From Rolling Stone Country to NPR’s Heavy Rotation, her music is reaching an audience that listens deeply. Neither One of Us Is Wrong considers the divisions in our society. As a witness, offering a perspective of one who listens to the “other side”, Hunt explores the myriad of emotions that encompass our societal disconnection.

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The new album, which was recorded pre-pandemic in Brooklyn, NY with her band of Gatherers, did not see the open road as Hunt pivoted when the world shut down. In her current home in Nashville, she began an online music school, Seeds Of Music, and spent two years serving the needs of world-renowned artists who were unable to tour and music dabblers in need of connection. Over 200 students moved through over 17 courses which gave gigs to more than 33 artists throughout the pandemic. Hunt simultaneously created Ukulele Sprouts Parent Teacher Training Program, empowering parents to introduce music to their children from the comfort of home (see for complementary introduction to this offering).

Through this time, Hunt’s own musical creativity found expression with two emerging songwriters- Makenna Hartlin and Tabitha Meeks. Hartlin, whom Hunt met on a past tour in Jolliette, IL, found her way to Nashville just as the pandemic set in, and began helping Hunt with her online music school. Her angelic and otherworldly vocal abilities led her to be crowned first place in the Big Break Vocal Competition in Chicago, IL. Instantaneously, the two began co-writing on the back porch and exploring their artistic kinship.

Hartlin soon introduced Hunt to her musical confidant Tabitha Meeks, and immediately Hunt knew something dynamic was emerging. Meeks, trained in classical and jazz piano, has the versatility to freely express on the keys, while soulfully vocalizing. Think Regina Spector meets Norah Jones, Randy Newman and Ingrid Michaelson.

Now, at the pinnacle of their creative collaboration, Hunt has invited Hartlin and Meeks to join her in bringing Neither One Of Us Is Wrong to the stage. The trio have a siren-esque essence, drenched in enchanting harmonies, simultaneously rooted in musical foundations.

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