Phoebe Hunt

Agent: Lori Peters

“At her most compelling, Hunt crafts breathtaking ballads with heartrending melodies reminiscent of Merle Haggard’s soulful best.” — No Depression

“Searching for a spiritual poignancy in the emotional sentiments of folk storytelling, Phoebe Hunt is acutely aware of the human condition, its triumphs and setbacks, and the divides set between us. ” — PopMatters

Whereas the fiddle and voice are often the final elements, or icing on the cake of a full band recording, on Earthly Syndication, due out mid 2023 on Thirty Tigers, Phoebe Hunt explores what it sounds like when the fiddle and vocals represent the whole cake. Drawing from 30 years spent studying the violin/fiddle, Hunt amalgamates her classical upbringing with Appalachian Old Time, Texas Swing, and a maturity of songwriting that create an unfiltered, raw expression dripping with palatable vulnerability.


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