Laney Jones and the Spirits

Agent: Lori Peters

“It’s not quite folk, it has hints of pop perhaps, and it rocks like no other.”—NO DEPRESSION

“She questions philosophy with both her lyrics and her music with a sophistication usually reserved for veterans of the industry.” —ELMORE MAGAZINE

“Right from the beginning, nothing is typical…. ‘Firewall’ with its goose-honking saxophones and drunken melodic line…is definitely the instrumental highlight and places Jones in the lineage of gothic experimenters like [Tom] Waits.” PASTE MAGAZINE

There’s a sort of magic when you meet someone who’s doing what they’re clearly meant to be doing – an electricity in the air and an energy that can’t quite be explained. This is undeniable when meeting Americana artist Laney Jones, whose self-titled release is out March 11, 2016.

Produced by Grammy-nominated David Plakon (Wild Child, Young Rapids and Roadkill Ghost Choir), the “retro majestic” album is a mixture of timeless sounds with current influences, topped with Laney’s signature vocals.

“The veil is down. My sonic palette has expanded, and the studio was a perfect playground for experimenting,” Jones said. “We followed where our ears led.”

The 10-song collection explores modern textures and grooves, while still being true to the philosophical wonderings that make Laney’s writing exceptional. More rock and roll than folk, the album swims into the depths of 1960s and 70s singer-songwriters while discussing relatable themes of self-discovery, growing up and finding a personal identity.

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“When people see the banjo, they expect bluegrass. While I have deep love and respect for that music, I have really eclectic taste.” Jones said. “I listen to everything from early folk roots to hip hop. I can’t help but take influence from everything around me. With this album I wanted to prove that I can bring traditional instruments into unexplored realms.”

Jones has had a remarkable career in a few short years, moving up from rural Florida clubs to performing on PBS alongside Alison Krauss. Her work has received praise from the likes of No Depression and L.A. Record, and she’s also won many prestigious songwriting contests including the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. She’s played at both New York’s Lincoln Center and Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center for the Arts. She has been featured on PBS’s Great Performances series, and her music has been licensed to major film companies such as Disney and Dreamworks.

Currently, Laney’s music is in steady rotation on more than 50 CMJ indie radio stations, and in 2015, Laney and her band, the Spirits, totaled more than 140 performances across the USA. Their inimitable live show and undeniable chemistry will be showcased this summer, with selected tour dates below.

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