High Tea

Agent: Isabella DeHerdt

High Tea featured on WBUR’s Top 21 Best Massachusetts NPR Tiny Desk Entries 

“The band’s music has an “Alice in Wonderland”-like quality to it, and not just because it was named after a tea party. DeHerdt and Eliot’s songs delve into the intimacies and intricacies of growing up, and all that adulthood entails: love, loss, isolation, frustration. But through it all, they maintain a childlike reverence for stories and storytelling, deftly weaving plot lines, narrative, and dialogue into their music. And like Alice, they have gone through several transformations.” – Maya Homan, The Boston Globe

“Themes of love, loss and moving on can be heard throughout the disc. And whether singing harmony or swapping off lines, DeHerdt and Eliot are able to beautifully convey the emotion in these lyrics.” – Sheryl Hunter, The Recorder

High Tea, the indie-folk duo hailing from Boston and Western Massachusetts, is a concoction of sweepingly soulful harmonies, guitar riffs to knock your socks off, and a refreshing blend of old blues and new pop. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Isabella DeHerdt and vocalist/ percussionist Isaac Eliot have come together to fill spaces with homegrown story telling and Lumineer-esque vocals. Their songs are ripe with americana heartbreak and tell tales of growing up, going wild, and always coming back to the ones you love. 

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Their latest release, “Old Cowboy”, is an acoustic EP that weaves through stories of learning how to love, how to let go, and how to find one’s power. The bluesy guitar lines and wailing vocals travel through tales of  a witchy girl named Rosey who runs from her cursed town in the hills, to that of a wistful and shadowy cowboy who shares his secrets and woes in the darkly lit room of an old western bar. “Old Cowboy” introduces listeners to poignant characters who won’t be soon forgotten. High Tea’s musicality and playful instrumental writing is highlighted on tunes like “Invincible” and “Rosey”, while ballads like “‘O’er My Skin” and “Let’s Make A List” tug at heartstrings with the duo’s swelling vocals and meaningful lyricism. High Tea writes from the heart, and their songs are rooted in intimate personal experience yet strive to find the universal understandings of life that all audience members will be able to connect with. High Tea invites listeners into their lives, and the worlds they’ve created.

High Tea has been featured as finalists in the 2022 Susquehanna Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase, The Valley Music Showcase, and more. A full list of their past performances can be found on their website. High Tea is currently touring with folk artist Heather Maloney and will be releasing a new album in early 2023.

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