Everyone Asked About You

Agent: Mahmood Shaikh


Everyone Asked About You sprung forth from Little Rock, Arkansas’ vibrant mid-90’s DIY punk and emo scene in 1996.  High school friends Collins Kilgore, Chris Sheppard, and Lee Buford would jam at Buford’s family home between sessions of MarioKart64 and Goldeneye.  As actual songs began coming to fruition, Hannah Vogan joined on vocals.  The first practice room was too small for any other members so the band progressed without a bass player, and the first three singles were written and recorded as a four piece. In 1998 Matt Bradley joined the band on bass; John Beachboard joined a year later on synth and keyboard. The Let’s Be Enemies LP and subsequent tour in 1999 were a product of the six piece band.  

Steeped in the sounds of Midwest emo and 90’s indie rock, EAAY wrote and recorded music that reflect the straightforward and intense feeling of a teenager experiencing adult emotions for the first time.  Longing, first love, self-realization, the drudgery of getting older were all fodder for these teens.  In 2022 The Numero Group managed to wrangle the far-flung members of Everyone Asked About You in order to remaster and reissue their remarkably rare catalog both digitally and physically.

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