Delle Sorelle

Delle Sorelle (Italian: Of The Sisters) is the long awaited musical project of native-to-Austin sisters Stephanie and Phoebe Hunt.  Aesthetically delicate, there is a deep soul connection at play when these two come together. Thus far, the sisters have spent their careers individually making waves in different artistic spheres, and now are coming together for the first time creatively.

Stephanie left the University of Texas in her sophomore year to pursue acting.  She landed a role in NBC’s Friday Night Lights, which then snowballed into an acting career in Hollywood with highlight roles on Californication (Showtime), Glee ( NBC), Your Family Or Mine (TBS), and most recently a lead role in SYFY chanels’ The Hollow.  She has co-written, co-produced and starred in independent films Dalai Lama and Love and Tambourines which have been showcased at the Austin Film Festival, Marfa Film Festival, and become Staff Picks on Vimeo.  Currently, she is also working alongside Megan Mullally in their vaudevillian-esque throw-back band, Nancy and Beth.

Phoebe, focusing on her fiddle playing and singing, has spent her musical career touring the acoustic/Americana folk festival circuit and traveling the world.  As a member of Austin based The Hudson’s, the group was awarded Best Folk Band in the Austin Music Awards in 2006. Then, as part of The Belleville Outfit, the band was nominated for Americana Association’s Emerging Artist Of The year in 2009.  Her most recent release, Shanti’s Shadow, led her band Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers to be acclaimed by Rolling Stone Country as one of the top 10 bands to look for in 2017.

Together, Stephanie and Phoebe have founded a non profit organization, Fuel Our Fire wherein they create and cultivate immersive retreat programs which focus on utilizing the healing and therapeutic properties of music.

While the two sisters have played music together for their entire lives, it is only now that they are officially banding together.  This spring, the release of self titled EP, Delle Sorelle allows the listener a glimpse into the intimate world of their sisterhood.  Stripped down to the sound of their voices, a fiddle, and a ukulele, their music expresses the tenderness of a passing moment grounded through the rooted strength of their undeniable connection to one another and the audience.  

“We’ve been partners in crime since the beginning, making up songs in the comfort of our bedrooms…but there comes a time when sisters need to stand together and show the world how easy it is to love one another.”

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