Deb Talan

Agent: Lori Peters

Deb Talan has been writing songs since she was 14 years old. As a teen, she played clarinet, wrote songs on piano, later taught
herself to play guitar in college, was a vegetarian for 4 years, ended that with a hotdog and a swim in lake Michigan, taught
skiing to kids in Colorado, played cover songs at night, started a band in Portland, OR with her friend Mark, named it Hummingfish, wrote a lot of fun songs that people danced to ‘til they were all sweaty in that hipster/grungy/geeky Northwest kind of way, moved back to the east coast 6 years and a divorce later and began playing solo in Boston coffee houses, met up with Steve Tannen and formed The Weepies, played shows all over North America, toured in a real tourbus! moved to LA, got married to Steve, made 5 records and 3 amazing boy-children together with him, had songs placed in loads of movies and tv shows, moved to Iowa, got diagnosed with breast cancer received treatment in 2014, made a solo album, struggled with mental health (CPTSD from childhood incest abuse) and relationship issues for 6 years, divorced from Steve in 2020.

Presently, Deb tours the country with her guitar-playing friend Dan Padley, bringing her music to people who need it. Her songs are equal parts prayer, meditation, medicine. But, rather like the medicine in Mary Poppins: tasty, colorful, and full of the bittersweet joy of being fully alive.



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