Dan Bern

Agent: Lori Peters

Dan Bern may be best-known for his classics like “Jerusalem,” “Marilyn,” “Tiger Woods” and “God Said No.” He has released 25 albums and EPs, and played thousands of shows across North America and Europe.  He is a captivating live performer with a loyal, multi-generational following

Bern’s songs have appeared in numerous films and TV shows, and he has written original songs for the films Walk Hard — The Dewey Cox Story and Get Him to the Greek, as well as the 15-song soundtrack for Everett Ruess, Wilderness Song, a documentary produced by Jonathan Demme. He also wrote and performed songs for the Amazon Prime kids program, “The Stinky and Dirty Show.” Ani DiFranco, an early supporter of Bern’s, took him on tour with her and produced his second album, Fifty Eggs.

During the 2020 Quarantine, Bern released 4 new albums, the 9-song cycle, “Quarantine Me;” “Rivalry,” a lineup of baseball songs (sequel to his earlier 18-song baseball album “Doubleheader”); the country-tinged “Ivan’s Barbershop,” produced by Mitch Marine; and the e.p. “Shining,” produced by Jonathan Flaugher, who also produced “Regent Street.”  All are available on Bandcamp.  Bern also began streaming “Hunkered in the Bunker” shows, a series of interactive Facebook Live shows, which continue and have also been turned into podcasts.  His other podcast, “10,000 Crappy Songs,” is a musical detective story, which will soon release its second season.

Bern is also a painter, and has presented shows with paintings and songs in New York, San Francisco and galleries in Florida and Iowa.  He is also an accomplished songwriting teacher, having led workshops in Massachusetts, Florida, California, Ohio, Iowa, Alaska, British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta.

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