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“Between her effervescent style and, and the violin and synth-heavy music they’re known for, Bitch sure is giving new meaning to the word.” – BUST

“Bitch is a straight-up, real, fearless performer.” – Ani Difranco

Glide Magazine calls single “Easy Target,” “subtly electrifying.”

“Bitchcraft is poppy and poetic and will put her on the map for new audiences to discover.” – Brooklyn Vegan

Read the LA Weekly feature, “Life’s a Bitch and then you Fly”

Bitch is a longstanding queer music icon who Yahoo Entertainment called “a feminist force that the world needs now more than ever” when she released “Bitchcraft,” her 9th studio album, on the legendary label Kill Rock Stars in 2022. With her signature electric violin and lyrical smarts front and center over huge beats and deep synths, Bitch coined the genre “Poet Pop” and she has been touring nationally ever since, igniting her loyal following and inspiring new followers with her colorful and bold stage shows.

“Bitchcraft is a masterpiece,” said Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, who, along with Ani Difranco, have taken Bitch on tour as their opener. Joey Soloway (Transparent) directed the music video for “Easy Target.”

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In addition to headlining over 70 shows in 2022, Bitch honed her acting chops and played a role in the new Audible podcast of Alison Bechdel’s “Dykes To Watch Out For,” alongside Jane Lynch, Carrie Brownstein and Roxane Gay. The series was directed by Leigh Silverman, and Bitch co-wrote a song for it with Faith Soloway.

Bitch first achieved notoriety as one half of the queer folk duo Bitch and Animal. The band toured with Ani DiFranco, and released two albums on her label Righteous Babe Records. In the mid 2000s, Bitch went solo, and shared stages with the Indigo Girls, acted in John Cameron Mitchell’s film “Shortbus,” co-wrote a song with Margaret Cho, produced two albums of her elder and folk hero Ferron.

Bitchcraft, Bitch’s first album in 8 years, is one that makes you think and makes you dance. Full of violins, synths, and huge vocals, the record is neon pink and in your face. It’s Joni Mitchell set to a clicktrack; it’s queer Cyndi Lauper and will hex you with its brilliance. It also makes you think: about the state of the world, about evil politicians, about what it means to exist as a woman, and how to find joy along the way.

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