Rhiannon Giddens Talks Inclusiveness with LA Times

The Los Angeles Times recently sat down with Rhiannon Giddens to discuss her numerous recent pursuits, including supergroup Our Native Daughters, new collaboration record there is no Other, and inclusion in Ken Burns’ latest series, “Country Music”.

The conversation begins by tackling the inclusiveness of cultural roots in Giddens’ music. She focuses on the way that music of different cultures and minds can be correlated. “We all have the same urges: You sing this way, and I play that way. They really go to the same places,” Giddens says. Her manifestation of this belief is evident in her touring with collaborator and Italian jazz-trained multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi. Giddens and Turrisi have combined their respective fascinations with the roots of their distant homelands on their new record, there is no Other.

The Times asserts, “The diversity of the album’s songs showcases both musicians’ instrumental dexterity — she moves from her main instrument, the minstrel banjo, to violin and viola, while Turrisi hopscotches from accordion, cello, piano, oud and banjo to a variety of percussion instruments including frame drums and the tombak, a Persian hand drum.” Giddens’ infatuation with cultural connection has proven a revolutionary approach to Americana music.

Check out the LA Times‘ full article here.
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