Nora Brown’s Debut Record ‘Cinnamon Tree’ Due Oct. 25th on Jalopy Records

Recorded at Studio 808a – an old farmhouse in Floyd, VA – Cinnamon Tree is a collection of traditional tracks learned through Nora Brown’s elder mentors and archival field recordings. Brown boasts strong storytelling talents on this debut; singing and playing both steel string and fretless gut string banjos. The 14-year-old’s work is a direct reflection of her experiences in the past year; deriving influence from her hometown of Brooklyn, NY and travels through eastern Kentucky, southwestern Virginia, and North Carolina.

The record is symbolic of Brown’s musical pilgrimage, representing a snapshot of Nora’s music now, a moment to reflect on where she has come from, and where she is going.

“[In her playing,] an intense involvement is revealed as the music appears to wash over her. She sings of experiences way beyond her years, old songs from Appalachian sources, stories that reflect a more difficult way of life.”
– John Cohen

Cinnamon Tree is due October 25th on Jalopy Records.

Preview Cinnamon Tree here.
For more information and tour dates, visit Nora Brown’s artist page.