New Music from Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens released her brand new song, “Don’t Call Me Names,” on August 23rd.

Listen here:

‘Don’t Call Me Names’ came from an epiphany that a relationship I was in was toxic, and that I had to get out for both of our sakes.  The framework in the song is a love affair but it can happen in any kind of connection; the real story was accepting my inner strength and refusing to continue being gaslit and held back; and refusing to keep sacrificing my mental health for the sake of anything or anyone.  I don’t often write personal songs but this one has stayed with me – it poured out then and has just sat there waiting for the right time.  I got a chance to do it with some incredible musicians and a fabulous producer and I’m thrilled it’s going to be out in the world; when I listen to it, the anger that I felt then now is the anger i feel at my entire country being gaslit, held back, and sacrificed.  We have to keep saying NO to toxic behavior, no matter how small or large the stage, and keep saying it nice and loud.
–Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens and Amanda Palmer team up on their cover of Portishead’s “It’s A Fire”!

Proceeds from the single go to the Free Black University Fund.
Listen here:

Behind the scenes photos and commentary from Rhiannon and Amanda here:

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