Leyla McCalla featured in NPR’s ‘Songs We Love’

LEYL_solopicFrom NPR, “It’s an exhilarating thing, hearing a musical virtuoso explore her voice’s unanticipated potential in all of the ways that Leyla McCalla does. She’s a formally trained cellist who’s loosened her playing from the strictures of classical technique, teasing out its more nimbly rhythmic qualities. She’s a cunning interpreter and arranger, equally at ease with English, French and Haitian Creole, given to gracefully flitting around the beat with her feathery timbre and finespun vibrato. She’s also a singer-songwriter, tracing the intricate textures of post-colonial, pan-African experience with her poetic language of longing.”

Read the full interview & listen to “A Day For the Hunter, A Day For the Pray” at NPR Music

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