Hear Bhi Bhiman’s Exclusive Song “Moving to Brussels” Featured on The Wall Street Journal

Photo 1 colorBhi Bhiman sends Dictators a “Dear John” letter on “moving To Brussels”.

Singer Bhi Bhiman was struck by the number of African immigrants he noticed while touring Belgium with Rosanne Cash—so much so that he wrote a song about it. That tune, “Moving to Brussels,” premieres today on Speakeasy.

It’s a brawny soul number with a buoyant backbeat, organ sparring with scratchy guitar and a stick-in-your-head hook that Bhiman sings with breezy, robust power as he lists potential destinations and concludes, “It’s all the same.”

To hear the song and read more about the inspiration for it, check out the Wall Street Journal Feature, here.

For more info and upcoming tour dates for Bhi Bhiman, visit his artist page, here.