Frazey Ford’s New Music Video “The Kids Are Having None of It” Out Now!

Returning with her first new original music in five years, “The Kids Are Having None of It” arrives with a stunning video today, digital single out tomorrow. The new song is an urgent activism anthem – protest music at its core, with Frazey’s calm, confident warning compelled by a visceral, soulful bass guitar backbone: “Get out of the way / You’ve had your day / And it’s no longer how we gon’ play,” she sings.

Formerly signed to Nettwerk, Ford’s new single is released by Arts & Crafts today, in honor of Greta Thunberg’s initiative of #FridaysForFuture.

“This song came out of a desire to envision change as though it has already happened and to champion the incredible movements that we’re seeing right now,” explains Frazey. “Beyond our collective fear and anger about what is and isn’t happening, to create an image of the wave of change that most of us would like to see. The cast of the video are all close friends, moms and neighbourhood kids that my son grew up with. We had a beautiful day, being together. I think the love of community, real relationships, and the willingness to include the experiences of others is the real basis of activism.”

Watch Frazey Ford’s video for “The Kids are having None of It” video here:

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