Check out the premiere of Bhi Bhiman’s video “Up In Arms” Featuring Rhiannon Giddens

Photo 1 colorSunday Living has just premiered the video for Bhi Bhiman’s new single “Up In Arms” featuring Rhiannon Giddens.

Bhi Bhiman says of the song, “‘Up In Arms’ is a song about political and social struggle for African-Americans. The song is sung in the first person of Huey P. Newton, the Black Panther Party co-founder. It’s written, not during the height of his power but at his lowest point, in his final minutes looking back on a life of lessons learned. With the events in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charleston in the past year or so, the issue of race is once again in the foreground of American thought. For this video, I was very lucky to be joined by my friend Rhiannon Giddens, who is not only generous with her immense talent and skill, but has a strong sense of social justice to match.”

Check out the video on Southern Living here

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