Birds of Chicago’s ‘Real Midnight’ now streaming on NPR First Listen

BoC - 3You can now stream the entire new album from Birds of Chicago, Real Midnight, at NPR First Listen! NPR writes, “Real Midnight, their Joe Henry-produced second studio album, finds Russell and Nero memorializing the intense, freewheeling, all-too-fleeting attachments of youth (‘Remember Wild Horses,’ ‘Times And Times’), eulogizing fellow dreamers (‘The Good Fight’) and meditating on mortality (‘Sparrow’). Really, though, they devote most of their creative energies to imagining a richer, more sentient present against that temporal backdrop. With its patient crescendos and evocative sense memories of life’s final moments, ‘Color Of Love’ is a work of savoring. The title track, a drifting country-soul ballad, pivots from trepidation to rapture, as two lovers cling to each other, hungry to share in empathy and sensual pleasure.”




Stream the album at NPR First Listen

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