Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———– “Go inwards and be bold.” This was Harmony Korine’s advice to aspiring creatives, during a Q&A at the British Film Institute back in early 2016. For the recently-formed Drahla, his words served as something of a directive, encouraging the trio to trust their own instincts, however far removed they might be from Read more

Squirrel Nut Zippers

Agent: Tom Gold ——–– Platinum selling Southern roots & swing revival band Over 3 million records sold Current album Lost Songs of Doc Souchon critically acclaimed   The Squirrel Nut Zippers rollicking and rowdy road show combines their unique hybrid stew of Southern roots rock, New Orleans Jazz, and Blues influences with a Vaudeville stage performance that Read more

Jäh Division

Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———– A supergroup born of Brooklyn’s early 21st century DIY scene, Jäh Division’s sole 2004 12-inch Dub Will Tear Us Apart earned them an instant infamy for their psychedelic dub interpretations of Joy Division classics. Featuring members of Home and Oneida and recorded in the literal shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge, Jäh Division Read more


Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ——— Jawbox was formed in Washington, DC in 1989 by J. Robbins, bassist Kim Coletta, and original drummer Adam Wade. The group released their debut 7” in 1990 on their own DeSoto label. Grippe, released on Dischord Records in 1991, was Jawbox’s first full-length outing. That year saw second guitarist/singer Bill Barbot Read more

Our Native Daughters

Agent: Chris Colbourn ———– Our Native Daughters (featuring Rhiannon Giddens, Allison Russell, Leyla McCalla, Amythyst Kiah) Stream the full album at NPR First Listen Read about the making of Songs of Our Native Daughters at Rolling Stone Read the 5 star review at The Guardian Songs of Our Native Daughters out now on Smithsonian Folkways Songs Read more


Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———- Formed from the shell of a Go-Go’s cover band named Raspberry Bang, SWIRLIES began their life in Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts in the summer of 1990. The original band featured Damon Tutunjian (guitar/vocals), Seana Carmody (guitar/vocals), Andy Bernick (bass), and Ben Drucker (drums). SWIRLIES played live for the very first time on 25 January Read more


Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ————- Soulside formed in Washington, DC, in 1985, split up in 1989, then reformed in 2014 and has continued playing and writing music since then. After releasing their debut album on Sammich/Dischord, they recorded Trigger (Dischord, 1988) and Hot Bodi-Gram (Dischord, 1989), which were combined on the Soon Come Happy CD in 1990. Read more

Mister Heavenly

Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———— Mister Heavenly dabbled in love and affection on their first record, 2011’s Out of Love. This time, however, Ryan Kattner, Nicholas Thorburn and Joe Plummer are in a scrappy mood as they embrace a tougher sound on the band’s new album, Boxing the Moonlight. “It seemed like it was a good idea to Read more


Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———— If Islands’ last record, (2021’s Islomania) was a Saturday Night Fever dream, then the follow up–And That’s Why Dolphins Lost Their Legs–is the Sunday Morning comedown. “[Islomania] was exuberant and hopeful, and Dolphins is like the grim rejoinder,” songwriter Nick Thorburn says. “The songs attempt to tap into some of our darker Read more

The Both

Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———- Collectively and individually, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo have more years of musical experience under their belts than most. You might call them “lifers.” But they were first drawn into each others’ circles by the late, great Scott Miller (Game Theory/Loud Family), who brought Ted to Aimee’s awareness back in 2001. Over Read more