Dedicated Men of Zion

Agent: Chris Colbourn ————- Harmony is serious business where the Dedicated Men of Zion come from. For their eldest member Anthony “Amp” Daniels, it was so serious that every day his mother would call her children inside, turn off the television, and make them sing in harmony, talk in harmony, do everything in harmony. Singing well Read more

The Exile Follies

Agent: Mike Leahy ——— Grant-Lee Phillips on Reuniting with John Doe and Kristin Hersh for 2020 Tour. The Exile Follies sprang from a mutual desire among John Doe, Kristin Hersh and myself to approach a tour in a different kind of way. It was 2002. We had each come from bands, each of us being the Read more

Teddy Thompson

Agent: Lori Peters —— My Love of Country available August 18, 2023 “Country music has been inescapable for me, a recurring theme,” says Teddy Thompson. “At the age of 10 or 11, that’s the first thing I heard where my ears pricked up and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is music? I like this.’” The simplicity and Read more

Pernice Brothers

Agent: Mike Leahy ———- SPREAD THE FEELING is the sixth or seventh studio LP by the Pernice Brothers and my 17th or so in general. I’m honestly not sure. I don’t keep track. All I know is that if I play one song off each album at a gig, it’s a long show.  The digital Read more


Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ——- “The world got shook” So Algiers formed a crew. Holed up in their native Atlanta, the band—who have built one of the most exciting catalogs and cult followings of recent years—gathered a posse of like-minded artists to create their fourth album, SHOOK. Stacked with guests spanning icons through to future stars, with Algiers as Read more

Blitzen Trapper

Agent: Lori Peters ———— “A sprawling, sumptuous testament to Weird America” —NPR “Missing Tom Petty? He lives on in Blitzen Trapper‘s Wild and Reckless, an accomplished slice of classic rock that unabashedly sounds like Mr. Petty singing a Springsteen song with the Heartbreakers’ California guitars and a harmonica intro from Neil Young.” — The New York Times  There are Read more

Throwing Muses

Agent: Mike Leahy ————- “Sublime riffs and hair-standing-on-end vocals giving you a jolt. Throwing Muses has maintained the inimitable ethos that has distinguished their music for over three decades” — Pop Matters Purgatory/Paradise is the newest release by Throwing Muses, the groundbreaking band who broke every rule in the book and effortlessly changed the face of Read more

Nora Brown

Agent: Chris Colbourn ————- “Long Time to Be Gone,” [is] a disarming collection of traditional laments and exquisite banjo instrumentals which she recorded in the palatial St. Ann’s Church” – Jay Ruttenberg, The New Yorker “Some of the most interesting and haunting traditional music we’ve heard… impossibly talented… One thing that I really loved about both Read more

J. Robbins

Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———- J. Robbins has been the guitarist/singer and primary songwriter (or pushiest collaborator) in several bands since the early ’90s, including Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels, and Office of Future Plans. For the bulk of that time, he has also been active as a recording engineer/producer, working with musicians from around the world at Read more


Agent: Mahmood Shaikh ———– NOTHING began in Philadelphia simply as ‘bedroom therapy’ for Domenic Palermo in 2010 after a turbulent decade filled with drugs, violence, and prison. With a love for tragedy in both storytelling and song he decided where he would put his effort and began to record. Over the next 12 years Palermo would Read more