Amythyst Kiah & Birds of Chicago included in NPR’s Best of AmericanaFest

Amythyst Kiah is a Tennessee native who got into old-time music in college. She really is important in reminding people that there is a great tradition of African-American, old-time musicians. I love that she sings in this really rich low vocal range, just straight from the chest, resonant. Her version of blues has a bit of biting humor to it.” – Jewly Hight

Birds of Chicago: “At the heart of this band are a married couple: Allison Russell and JT Nero. They come together in a way that makes you feel the dynamic of their artistic partnership and their earnest mission to inspire and uplift the audience. They did a rendition of their song ‘American Flowers,’ which is an anthem of resistance and a celebration of what America can be. They got everyone singing along.” – Ann Powers

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Amythyst Kiah

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