Amythyst Kiah and Nora Brown featured on Dolly Parton’s America

Host of podcast Dolly Parton’s America Jad Abumrad highlighted two CE artists a few weeks ago in two particularly unique nooks of the U.S.

Nora Brown takes Amurad to the beautiful St. Augustine Church in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY to perform a cover of “The Very Day I’m Gone” written by the late Addie Graham. Strumming her fretless banjo before beginning the piece, Brown discusses her bluegrass education’s roots, starting as the protege of Shlomo Pestcoe while first learning on ukelele. Described by the show’s host as a “very wise, very old soul,” 14-year-old Brown made a memorable impression.

Nora Brown at St. Augustine Church in Brooklyn, NY

Amurad then brings listeners to the Willow Tree Coffeehouse in Amythyst Kiah’s hometown of Johnson City, TN. Kiah performed an unreleased original entitled “Firewater”.

Listen here for WNYC Studios’ Dolly Parton’s America -Traveling Creatures: Live Music From the Series episode.

For more information and tour dates, visit Amythyst Kiah and Nora Brown‘s artist pages.