Algiers on Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

The Atlantan via London/NYC four-piece rock group celebrated the release of its newest record entitled There is No Year on Matador Records, by appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The band’s performance of “Dispossession” was delivered to perfection for their first appearance on national television together.

The album was recorded over the past year by childhood friends and Atlanta natives Franklin James Fisher, Ryan Mahan and Lee Tesche, as well as drummer Matt Tong, in New York alongside producers Randall Dunn [Sunn O))), Earth] and Ben Greenberg [Zs, Uniform (as featured on Twin Peaks season 3)]. There Is No Year is titled for author Blake Butler’s novel of the same name, a major inspiration to the band over the course of the album’s making.

Algiers hits the road tonight for the commencement of their European tour. Check out their artist page and tour dates here.