Algiers Announce New Album on Matador Records!

Algiers’ new record entitled, There Is No Year is due out January 17th, 2020. The record, to be released on Matador Records, includes already released single “Dispossession”.

There Is No Year encompasses future-minded post-punk R&B from the trapped heart of ATL, where they began; to industrial soundscapes à la 4AD-era Scott Walker or Iggy & Bowie’s Berlin period; to something like the synthetic son of Marvin Gaye and Fever Ray. Known for its outspoken nature and values, Algiers explores new terrain in There Is No Year.

Bassist Ryan Mahan explains, “The specter of dispossession is haunting us all. Everywhere the imperial world represses the ghoulish histories that sustain our pasts, presents and futures.” Mahan goes on to describe the new record as similar to a “…neo-Southern Gothic novel with an anti-oppression undercurrent.”

The band has an extensive tour to look forward to, following the release of There Is No Year in 2020. Check out Algiers’ music video for their latest single, “Dispossession” below.

For more information and tour dates, visit Algiers’ artist page.