Maya de Vitry

Agent: Mike Leahy

A lover of the strange and beautiful conversation between words and music, Maya de Vitry experiences and embraces being alive through song. She has spent the last six years touring the United States, Canada, and Europe with her celebrated Americana band The Stray Birds. In her solo work, her lone, dynamic voice, and her muses and meditations, explore a striking new landscape. She has spent the last year writing, recording, and revealing this wellspring of new songs at residencies and shows around Nashville, and she is now bringing them on the road in anticipation of her solo debut, coming in 2019.

Though her presence is patient and grounded, Maya is an explorer at heart. She grew up calling many musical settings home, from old-time music festivals to symphony orchestras. She was formally educated by stints at UNC-Asheville and Berklee College of Music, but was informally transformed by the months she spent busking around North America and Europe, riding a bike from town to town, pitching a tent in fields and forests. In between her musical pursuits, she continues to wander the world—  from Central America to Africa to the Middle East— dedicating her ears and heart to new languages and perspectives. Originally from Pennsylvania, Maya now makes her home in Nashville, where in spite of her many travels, she has watched more sunsets on the same lake than ever before in her life.

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