Chicago Plays The Stones

featuring Ronnie Baker Brooks, Billy Branch, Mike Wheeler and the Living History Band

Chicago Blues Greats Join Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on Historic New Album Chicago Plays The Stones (Raisin’ Music) out September 14

with Buddy Guy, Ronnie Baker Brooks, John Primer, Leanne Faine, Billy Branch, Jimmy Burns, Billy Boy Arnold, Michael Avery, Omar Coleman, Carlos Johnson & The Living History Band

Chicago Plays The Stones featuring Ronnie Baker Brooks, Billy Branch, Mike Wheeler and The Living History Band is available for bookings worldwide. Please see below for more information about the live show. A historic new album titled Chicago Plays the Stones (Raisin’ Music) with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Buddy Guy, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Billy Branch, John Primer, Billy Boy Arnold, The Living History Band and others wil be released on September 14. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Buddy Guy and two generations of Chicago blues stars unite on this album to give the songs of the Rolling Stones a remarkable rebirth.  Stripping those rock songs down to their Chicago-blues essence is not only an idea that’s inventive and unprecedented–it’s also an idea that makes PERFECT SENSE. Chicago Plays the Stones, the first project of its kind to include Jagger and Richards, brings the songs of Jagger-Richards back to their spiritual home and their point of origin, and cements a 55-year love affair that changed the course of music. It’s an enduring, ongoing musical and fraternal connection between Jagger-Richards and their Chicago blues heroes that continues to reverberate like the famous echo chamber at 2120 S Michigan Ave.

The live show is a presentation of:
– Music by the titans of Chicago blues such as Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf to show how The Rolling Stones were inspired and deeply influenced by Chicago blues.
– Songs by The Stones from the album Chicago Plays The Stones that have been rearranged in Chicago blues style
– Current Chicago blues
–  Ronnie Baker Brooks and Billy Branch sharing with the audience their connection to The Stones and blues and their own personal experience and influence from The Stones
– The finale with a mix of Stones and Muddy Waters

The highly entertaining show will illustrate the indelible and lasting influence Chicago blues has had on the “world’s greatest rock and roll band” who have directly impacted popular culture as we know it today.

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